Social Distancing During Coronavirus Outbreak: You Are Not Alone

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the world in various ways we never could have imagined. International events, flights are being cancelled, and worst-affected countries are on lockdown. Various governments are deploying stringent measures to contain the spread of the infection, while employees of the healthcare sector are constantly involved, working hard to treat and care for patients right in the middle of this global pandemic. 

The world went from valentine’s to quarantine in a month’s time. However, irrespective of government measures and what various world agencies are doing, what is vital right now is contributing our efforts in the containment of the virus as individuals- which we can achieve through social distancing. 

What is social distancing and how will that help?

  • A lot of celebrities and politicians are coming forward with encouraging people to practice social distancing, which is to avoid all non-essential physical or direct contact with people. 
  • Social distancing includes avoiding shaking hands or hugging another person, keeping at least a minimum of 2 metres of distance from one another and to limit direct social interaction. 
  • In India, the Prime Minister addressed the nation and has urged the citizens to maintain and practice social distancing by staying back at home and not venturing out unless there is a compelling reason to do so. 
  • All private sector companies are urging their employees to work from home as a form of social distancing. Major states are witnessing a lockdown with the closure of malls, pubs, restaurants, schools, colleges, supermarkets and events of large gatherings in an effort to protect its people from the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Social distancing can work wonders during the time of a global emergency, a lesson learnt in the past during the pandemic flu: 
  • It can protect you and other people from the risk of catching the COVID-19 infection, and also prevent carrying of the virus from one place to another. 
  • Self-isolation and quarantine when sick and protect people at risks like the elderly and immune compromised- so a lot of lives will be saved.
  • The containment of the infection reduces the number of positive and sick cases, which in turn eases the burden on healthcare services. 

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