How to prevent diabetes and obesity complications

(1) Stay active:
Working out – even a stroll – for 30 minutes a day can positively affect your metabolism which in turn can keep your BMI in check.

(2) Treat medical conditions
As mentioned above, there are medical conditions such as PCOS that can cause a rapid increase in weight. Should you experience unexpected weight gain with any other symptoms, speaking to a doctor can help determine the possible underlying medical cause. Do not self-diagnose or self-medicate, it can only worsen a chronic condition.

(3) Eat a well balanced diet:
While we all love junk food, they are notorious for increased carbohydrates, sugar and cholesterol levels. All of these can worsen insulin resistance along with increasing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. This can quickly lead to complications in diabetics. 

(4) Quit smoking:

Smoking  can affect blood circulation by inducing a chronic inflammatory state and also increases cholesterol levels, which can cause complications in diabetics.

(5) Reduce alcohol intake
Besides the high caloric intake of alcohol which can cause weight gain, it can also affect your body’s blood vessels and affects how the liver metabolizes sugars. This can cause complications in vital organs such as your eyes and kidneys.

It is advised to speak to a dietitian before making any dietary changes or following any restricted diet. Every individual has different requirements and some diets may not work well for you. Ensuring that your BMI is under control can help with many health concerns in the future. 

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